Tattoo Aftercare


  1. Wash your new tattoo with hot water:
    While this may be a bit uncomfortable, it will not harm your new tattoo. Gently remove all blood to help prevent scabbing. Do not scrub your new tattoo - gentle pressure will be sufficient.
  2. Dry your tattoo:
    Using a slightly moist and clean paper towel, gently dab your new tattoo dry and gently remove any solid pieces of blood, etc
  3. Wash tattoo with a mild anti-bacterial soap and water:
    Again, do not scrub your new tattoo. Gently clean the area and rinse well
  4. Dry the area around your new tattoo:
    Allow the area of your new tattoo to air-dry. This should take about 15 - 20 minutes
  5. Massage Aquaphor into your new tattoo:
    Gently massage Aquaphor onto your new tattoo for a minute or two. It's ok to use a firmer touch than the day before. Massaging the tissue of your new tattoo will help increase circulation and speed the recovery period. *Note* only massage your new tattoo during the cleaning process when your new tattoo - and your hands - are completely clean. Be sure not to use too much ointment. This can trap germs against your new tattoo and block air from getting to the healing skin. Air is very important to the healing process.
  6. Do not re-bandage your tattoo:
    Wear loose fitting clothes if needed, but allow your newly tattooed area to have air to speed healing.
  7. Repeat cleaning process 3 times a day:
    Clean your tattoo and gently massage in Aquaphor 3 times a day.

NEXT 7 - 10 DAYS

At this point you should have or are experiencing some peeling. Don't pick it, let it flake off on its own. Replace Aquaphor with Ink Fixx lotion or a high quality un-scented lotion and cut back to washing twice a day.

Your tattoo should take around 2 weeks to heal fully if properly cared for. After healing, lotion every morning to keep your colors bright and vibrant. Keeping that skin healthy keeps your tattoo looking new.

Things to Avoid

I ONLY recommend AQUAPHOR and Ink Fixx Lotion. A+D is gross, scented, and greasy. It is very occlusive, which means it doesn't allow your skin to get air. When that happens, your body sends fluids to the surface of the wound to remove what is blocking off the air. In this process, these fluids travel through your brand new ink and take some with it. So, A+D lightens tattoos. No Bag Balm, No generic lotions, No weird hippy natural ointments, No Neosporin, No Bacitracin, No Butter, yes I said butter, Ive heard of people doing it. Questions? Give us a call or stop by!